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Consistency – How to Get Moving Quicker Replay

How to Get Moving Quicker Replay
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Do you know that feeling when you’ve just finished some big event in your life?  Whether it was a big activity or a monumental event…something that really make a mark on your life history?  Well I just had one of those experiences.  We just wrapped up an incredible weekend of our Core Strength Experience event where we had more than 200 people from 7 different countries join us to take their life to the next level. The event really got me thinking and I now realize even more about myself and other people than ever.  I am really excited to do something big with these newfound ideas.

And now this week, my family is headed to California for my daughter’s cheerleading competition where I’ll again be around a group of people who are looking to motivate themselves to win.  Two different groups of people, absolutely – one a group of people on a path of growing themselves and the other a giggling group of tween and teen girls.  Yet the biggest challenge they all face is not just being motivated, it’s being motivated consistently.

Whether you are working on business, health, relationships or working on some big personal challenge…the key to creating the life you want comes down to being able to do what works best consistently. 

Let me ask you a question…

Heading to Disneyland this weekend has got me thinking: Are there areas of your life that feel like your life is an amusement park?  Let me tell you what I mean by that question.

In your life, do you feel you are waiting in a long line, slowly creeping ahead, waiting for something to happen?

Or, perhaps you made it on the ride, but your life goes up and down like a roller coaster, without any ongoing stability. You get that rush when your life is riding high, but then it goes away and you feel powerless in getting it back.

consistencyHow would you like to be able to summon your greatest moments anytime you want to experience them, consistently?

There are three basic steps that will make all of the difference in building a consistently performing life. To help you power forward, I put together another training to begin the discussion around these three basic steps. 

Commit to being on the call this Thursday. You will learn:

  1. How to get moving quicker.
  2. How to maintain the momentum once you get rolling.
  3. How to enjoy the process even more. You will keep that high level feeling that helps propel you and attract others.

Building better lives, one commitment at at time.

Talk to you Thursday!



Ready to Sell More? How to Be More Persuasive (Audio Replay)

Click Play Now to Learn These 3 Things (and a whole lot more)

1.  Myths about selling and persuasion you must UN-Learn to be effective

2.  What you Really must focus on (and when you do sales will get much easier)

3.  How to have more fun (novel idea?) by guiding clients instead of feeling like you’re pushing/begging! 


Listen Now!

Listen to this audio and you will gain a pocketful of powerful tools that you can use immediately!

AND…at the end of the training I share with you 3 Persuasive Words you can use in your conversations, emails and copy that will get anyone nodding their head and saying YES to you!








Figure Out Your Life

In this audio is an INCREDIBLE strategic plan 
that you can use to get your life clicking the way you want.  

Even my most successful clients tell me there’s always one area 
that they want to improve. 

Do you have one thing in your life you want to improve?

  • Maybe you have plenty of cash – yet not in the best shape? 
  • Or maybe you have plenty cash and are in great shape yet you want to work on your relationships?  (Fitting for Valentine’s, right?) 
  • Or maybe you have the best relationship in the world yet  need to earn more income… 
  • Or maybe you have the magazine-cover ready body yet everything else is off… 

And if any of these things are true than maybe you are ready for a little world rocking.  Are you?  
I’m always up for a new challenge and if you are reading this I believe you are too. 

No frills …grab a pen and paper and lets get to work and figure out your life. 

We are literally going to build a plan today – I will walk you through the process.

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Are You Disciplined?



what will you do in 2014

People hate to be disciplined and controlled, yet they want self-discipline and self-control
Ring a bell?

Listen I know this time of year is B-U-S-Y for you so I’ll keep it brief.

Here’s what you will learn:

How to create more discipline in your life.
Most people feel like they are lacking in discipline
in some area of their life, right?  Maybe it’s health
or career or relationships…well luckily it’s an
easy fix and I will show you how.

How to create your Success Plan for 2014.
I can’t stand goal setting because it just doesn’t work for most.  
It takes about 2 minutes tops to write your goals and
then you must spend a few hours creating an actual plan
to achieve those goals and then follow the plan.  
That’s where most people fall off.  They go blindly
in the direction of their goals and in my book that’s
working harder not smarter.  Nobody wants to do that.  
How to become a WILL person rather than a TRY person.  
People choose to use weak language
and that leads to weak momentum.  
Point blank the way you speak and words you use
will make you either a weak person or a strong person.
I will show you a few simple language tricks
that will make a difference for you – quickly!

We’ll cover all that and a whole lot more.   

Start your 2014 year STRONG.   
People that are successful PLAN to be successful.  That’s you.


Goal Getting Workshop

Goal Getting Workshop

Anybody that knows me knows that I’m not a fan of goals.  I believe setting goals is misleading in many ways.  For me – I spend about 3 minutes setting goals – I know exactly what my outcome is and what it looks like.  Then, I spend the rest of the time GETTING the goals.  That works

Your plan, and how you go about getting the goals, is what requires the thought, strategy and execution.  Naturally you want to make a list of things that you want to have happen in your life.  Most people tell me that it feel good to have a list of goals written down – it’s a target.  Yet often what happens…and if you’re like most people it happens to you too…you pretty much plug away until you reach the goal – then you get to put a nice big check mark next to that item.  And so on and so on for all the goals you reach. 

However, chances are you may have a few things that stay on that list for a very long time.  These goals don’t have that pretty little check mark next to them.  (Sometimes it may even seem like your goal is glaring at you from the paper!)  Over time looking at the same goals that aren’t happening can be a little draining.  

I will show you a proven formula that works. 

Talk to you then,




Title: Goal Getting with Michael Bernoff



How to Be More of You

Live-Your-Full-PotentialIs there a Part of You that You are not Fully Using?

This Friday morning is a live training where you will learn some very powerful
mindshift strategies that will make a super-charged impact
on the way you LIVE your life, and the way you FEEL about your life.

Could you do More with Your Life?

Do you have talents you are not using?

****During the call if there’s time we’ll be opening up the lines for live coaching –
this is your time to get any question answered you have stirring around in your brain…
the “Why don’t I?” or “How can I?” type of questions you ask yourself on a regular basis.****


Here’s all you need to access the call.
Print it out and put it somewhere so you can easily locate it for Friday.


HOW TO BE MORE OF YOU Live Training with Michael Bernoff



Remember to be here for this – This is one training you will want to be a part of!

Talk to you then,

PS This call is open to the public – invite your co-workers, friends and family!


Trap Doors & Trampolines

trap doors and trampolines

Trap Doors & Trampolines
Power Training Call with Michael Bernoff 

Last weekend during my Human Interaction Technology training I was working with the  group on the hefty subject of planning your future.  I shared some really mind-blowing strategies you can use to make sure your plan works – and to make sure you are able to achieve the things you want to happen in your life.  

Most people have a lot of goals and just get Some of them. 
There are reasons why that is a true statement.  It all comes down to your planning process.

There are some things that you probably don’t realize that are VBD (very big deals) that once you incorporate them into your plan – you’ll be far more successful.

Let’s make this FUN and VALUABLE.
Click Here Now since you are READY TO PLAY!

Talk to you then,

Do You Whistle While You Work?


If your Answer is YES…
then you are doing something that excites you.  Here we are on the day the US celebrates Labor Day.  Labor Day is a tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.*   Back in 1882 when Labor Day began it was in the hearts and minds of the leaders of the time to honor the hard work and accomplishments so many have made – to create the success in America we all enjoy.  And here we are in 2013 and you, by answering YES, are following in those footsteps to enjoy and take pride in your work and when you do that…you are far more likely to get results.

And if you answered NO…
well then you are truly LABORING and that…especially after a while…can stink.
And if you answered no you’re probably looking for a better way.  Well there is no better way…there’s what works.  Whether you are taking out the trash or are running a company …there’s always a way to find happiness in what you are doing.  And how to do that is to FIND what works.   And when you do that you will uncover a level of enthusiasm for all aspects of your life which will create momentum and will get you where you want to go quickly.

So whether or not you are whistling…
Naturally you’d like to learn what will work for you
so that you can be more effective and get results rapidly.

Tuesday night I’m doing a live training to talk about this.

Join me this Tuesday!
Here is What You Will Learn:

  • How to Get and Stay (Motivated that is)
  • Character Traits of Most Successful People
  • Behaviors of Most Successful People (I’ve been doing some research and homework on what motivated the founding fathers in American History.  It’s no coincidence that their behaviors closely resemble the patterns and behaviors of the a) happiest people I personally know and b) the most successful people in World History.

Naturally you’ll want to get in on this!

How to Whistle While You Work


Talk to you then!


How to be a Better Closer (Audio Replay)

Learn how to be a better closer and close more sales and simplify the closing process so you can sell more,  have more fun and of course make more money!

Picture this:  You can approach, call, follow up and move the sale along.  You can overcome objections one by one.  Yet, asking for the sale, getting your client to make a decision and get the ink on the paper – that’s where your biggest challenge is in sales. 

If you are in sales and you can’t close it’s like being a basketball player that can’t dribble.   It’s like being a tennis player that can’t swing a racquet.  It’s like being a car with no fuel or a carpenter that can’t swing a hammer.  Well…you get the idea.

I believe that everyone can learn strategies that work – no matter who you are or what you are offering.  When you believe that, you open up new possibilities for your life.  

Listen Now and Share with your Team!

How to Improve Your Perspective


Imagine yourself driving down the road and you want to change lanes to the right.  You look in the rear view mirror and you look in your side mirrors to make sure there are no cars.  Yet there is a blind spot and you aren’t 100% sure it’s safe to move over.  So you lean a bit forward – you lean a little to the right and it looks good.  You check out the lane next to you from both angles. Then, signal flashing you speed up and start to steer right and just as you do – HONK!!!!  There in your blind spot is a car that you were about to roll right into.  WHEW!  Heart racing you slow down a bit, steer back to your lane and let the car pass.   Then going through the check again – check the mirrors, lean forward, lean to the right, This Time throwing a glance over your shoulder and when you are certain you’ve seen the road clearly, you switch lanes so you can arrive at your destination.  

WHAT IF – you are going through your life and not seeing all the perspectives…?  What if?

A little shift in your perspective can make a big impact.  What if your perspective is limited?  Or your perspective is blurry?  Or your perspective could be viewed from a better angle?  Or you are checking out perspectives but not all of them?  Well then…perhaps you’re not getting all the results you want.  

Let’s just walk through this with an example:
It’s Monday morning and you have a list of things you want to accomplish, for your family, for your work and for your health.  The day gets off to a good start and you do the things you said you were going to do.  About 2pm rolls around and you have completed more tasks on your list.  You’re making good decisions and feeling good about it!  Day rolls on and dinner is done…you’re wrapping up your day and setting the alarm for Tuesday.  Looking back on the day you can agree that you achieved most of what you wanted to, handled curve balls well and even if you perhaps did not do everything you wanted to do, you did well.  That sounds like a great day, agreed?

Now let’s take a look at that from a perspective of “I could simplify my life a bit, be even more effective in my decisions, and find more time for V.I.Ps. (very important pleasures) in my life.  That would be EVEN BETTER, agreed? So how do you do that?  How do you change your perspective so you can live your life at an even higher level?

Let’s talk about it – got some really cool ideas for you that you can add into your life easily – and that will make a difference.

Our perceptions and perspectives determine what actions we will take in any area.  Or more pointedly, our perspectives dictate our actions.  There is no way around it – we are going to react or act based on what we see, feel and hear.  Join me on Friday to improve your perspectives…and greatly improve your life.

Your partner in success,